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Diving With Bullsharks

Have you ever been diving with sharks?

Minutes away from the busy streets of Playa Del Carmen, we find amazing reefs.

From November to February, we can take you 20 to 25 meters (65 to 82 feet) underwater for a chance to see the real rulers of the ocean — Bull Sharks!


As you wait near the sandy bottom, shadows may appear in the distance and slowly circle us. When the bull sharks arrive, you will understand how they got their name.


We conduct two dives on each bull shark tour. The first dive is by the shark point and the second dive will be on a shallow reef close by.

A surface interval will be spent on the boat.

This is a seasonal activity and we require you to have done as minimum the 

Deep Adventure Dive before the Bullshark Dive.

Whats included:

Boat fees | Snacks and water

Personal guide Transportation to and from the dive sites from our dive shop in Tulum


8am to 4pm


Contact us for more information

Minimum age:

15 years old

Minimum certification:

Advanced Open Water Diver

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