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What if something happens to your dive buddy?

Would you be able to handle yourself and the situation?


SSI Stress & Rescue focuses on how to respond to an accident or an emergency, but more importantly, it provides you with the knowledge and skills to prevent an accident from happening in the first place.


During this course, you will discover that there are no black and white solutions to an accident or emergency. Our aim is to provide you with a skill set that you can build on and adapt to your own abilities so that you are able to confront any given situation.  Your goal is not to perform a perfect rescue, but rather to perform as successful a rescue as you possibly can.


The SSI Stress & Rescue Course takes you to the next level in your diving career, enhancing your experience as a diver and expanding your level of readiness in meeting head-on the challenges that open water diving can bring. 


Your instructor will take you through a series of different exercises where you will learn the skills required to provide you with a sound knowledge base for your toolbox of rescue techniques.  Once these rescue exercises are completed we can then progress to more real-life based scenarios where you get the chance to put your new skills into action.


We conduct all our SSI Stress & Rescue courses through digital learning, so you will be able to complete all theory sessions in the comfort of your own home, at your own speed using your laptop or mobile device.  We still schedule classroom sessions during this course as we understand the importance and the benefits that group discussion, focused on real-life experiences and events, can bring.


The SSI Stress & Rescue course is conducted over three days if all theory is completed prior to arriving at our facility.

Whats included:

Online Theory | Entrance fees

Rental gear | Snacks and water | Transportation to and from the dive sites from our dive shop in Tulum


3 Days


Contact us for more information

Minimum age:

12 years old

Minimum certification:

Open Water Diver

First Aid & CPR training 

within 24 months

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