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Ocean Diving Akumal

Always wanted to dive with turtles?

Located approximately 20km north of Tulum, Akumal is

an easy 15‐minute car journey from our dive shop!

The dive sites are located from between 5 to 15 minutes from shore, easily accessed by a short boat journey with depths that vary from 12 to 30 meters.


Again you will find classic Caribbean reefs and coral canyons filled with gorgonians, black corals, and vibrant sponges. Famous for its turtle sanctuary, Akumal’s reef is even more abundant with life than the reefs of Tulum, filled with grunts, snapper, grouper, butterflyfish and much more.

You may even be lucky enough

to spot a young bull shark during the right season!


But Akumal is most famous for its variety of Turtles! These gentle creatures can be spotted on almost every dive!


We conduct two dives during our tours with the boat coming

back to shore in between.

Whats included:

Boat fees | Snacks and water

Personal guide Transportation to and from the dive sites from our dive shop in Tulum


9am to 4pm


Contact us for more information

Minimum age:

10 years old

Minimum certification:

Open Water Diver

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