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Never completed a First Aid and CPR course? 

Or do you need a update on the procedures?


The React Right course is made for everyone even if

you are not a scuba diver you can take it.


The React Right course will teach you how to react in

case of emergency, like someone in the street passes out,

or even in a car accident.


With the React Right certification, you will be

able to follow protocols you have learned and apply them

on the field to save people.


You will not only learn how to do a Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

or apply a band-aid in case of a

First Aid emergency, but you will also learn how to prevent accidents or situations that will lead to this type of event.

React Right is SSI's emergency training program.


The course consists of the following basic components:

- Primary Assessment

- First Aid & CPR Skills

- Primary Stabilization Techniques

- Oxygen Administration in Diving Emergencies

- Automated External Defibrillation Basic


Students who complete this program earn the SSI React Right specialty certification which is valid for 24 months.

Whats included:

Online Theory | Course Materials 


1 Day


Contact us for more information

Minimum age:

10 years old

Minimum certification:


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