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Did you know that there is currently 30 standard SSI Specialty

Diver Courses to choose from!


With each specialty course comes more diving and more opportunities to share your knowledge surrounding the dive disciplines that you are truly interested in with your students.


The best way to learn how to teach a specialty course is from an experienced Instructor Trainer. The staff at ProRec Dive Center have years of experience teaching both student and instructor level courses and have a sound knowledge of what works well and what to avoid when teaching specialty courses.


You will be provided with hands-on experience and great teaching tips as you practice knowledge development presentations and in-water training for each element of your chosen specialty courses.


Course layouts vary depending on whether they are theory based courses without dives or theory and in-water combined courses.  For courses without dives, you will practice the knowledge development elements only. For courses with two to three dives at the student level, you will conduct at least one dive at the Instructor level. For courses with four dives at the student level, you will conduct at least two dives at the instructor level.


All SSI Instructors who are keen to gain more experience and teaching qualifications can benefit from attaining Specialty Course instructor certifications.


Please contact us for a list of the Specialty Instructor courses that are available for our SSI Assistant Instructors and SSI Divemasters to enroll in.


The time required for each specialty course varies.   We can assist you in putting together a course programme of multiple specialties that combines theory and in-water training.  The course fees include tanks, fills, weights, entrance/boat fees and transportation to and from the dive sites from our dive center in Tulum.


Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!

Whats included:

Entrance fees | Snacks and water Tanks & Weights | Transportation to and from the dive sites from our dive shop in Tulum |


1 - 2 Days


Contact us for more information

Minimum age:

18 years old

Minimum certification:

- SSI Professional

- Contact us for individual course requirements

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