We offer an advantage like no other when it comes to becoming an SSI Professional.

With the world’s second-largest barrier reef, the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, just outside of Tulum we have some astonishing dive sites right on our doorstep. In addition, you may find yourself training in some of our unique, crystal clear cenotes which will definitely make your training with ProRec something out of the ordinary!


Our facilities are fully equipped with everything that you might need to assist you during your SSI Divemaster or Instructor training with us, including spacious classrooms, a dedicated rinsing, and storage area for your gear and nitrox and air compressors!


At ProRec we put your personal development right at the center of our focus. Our goal is to educate the next generation of Instructors to uphold the high standards that we set as a minimum for ourselves.


With ProRec not only will you get an SSI Professional education that will make you an extremely attractive prospect on the job market; but more importantly you will feel confident and secure in your knowledge, training, and ability as you enter the world of diving as an SSI Dive Professional.


Take a look at the SSI Pro courses that we offer and don’t hesitate to contact us if you require more information, we are here to help!


The Divemaster rating is the most popular professional-level certification. In addition to guiding certified divers, Divemasters also get to assist on courses, work on dive vessels/resorts, and teach snorkeling courses...

We believe that the most effective learning happens in a relaxed and comfortable environment. For this reason, our 14-day program gives us enough time to ensure that every candidate has the training...


First Aid skills are something that is considered key skills to hold. The ability to help another human being in a time of need. As an SSI React Right Instructor you have the possibility to teach these skills...

There is currently 30 standard SSI Specialty Diver Courses to choose from! With each specialty course comes more diving and more opportunities to share your knowledge surrounding the dive disciplines that you are truly interested in with your students...